US Faxing

For some time now Absolute Fax has developed a reputation for being a discrete, overseas based fax broadcaster sending out millions of faxes per week into the United States.

Our standard data for the United States is totally free of charge to use and is updated frequently. Targeted data is available upon request through our partner data broker, at a negotiated rate.

We do of course comply with all fax codes relevant to the USA however as an international broadcaster, we do retain a certain amount of flexibility in some areas.

Faxing is as strong as ever in the USA and over the years we have built up a diverse range of very satisfied, loyal clients. We would relish the opportunity to provide a great service to you also.

How to use our service

1) Email or call to discuss your needs. What is your offer? Who would you like to reach? Local or national? Business types or random? How many faxes would you like to send?

2) We agree a rate of x amount per page

3) If you have a flyer ready, you simply email it over to us. If you don’t have a flyer, we can help you build one.

4) You decide the time and date of when you would like to send. We have the ability to send within minutes of receiving your flyer or scheduling weeks/months ahead.

5) We send the flyer out.

6) We email you with a report of the send.

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