UK Faxing

Fax marketing in the UK is still one of the most successful ways to bring in new business…..  It’s also the easiest and at Absolute Fax, we make the whole process seamless for you.

Firstly, there is our database of fax numbers covering the entire United Kingdom.  We pride ourselves in keeping it ‘squeaky clean’ and twice each day we scrub our database against the Fax preference Service database to ensure all opt out numbers are removed.  We also have our own in-house fax removal system and on each and every flyer we send, we offer a web address for people to opt out.  Our list is very clean indeed.

The there is our system which state of the art and actually, this makes a real difference to the potential success or failure of your fax send.  Many ‘broadcasters’ out there employ the use of cheap internet faxing (VOIP) to distribute faxes which often leads to poor quality print.  We use landlines to send our faxes (known as TDM) which is still the premium method to ensure quality.

In addition, we are very quick.  Our faxes deliver far quicker than almost every provider out there which means the actual cost to send is cheaper for us.  This is one of the key reasons why we can afford to offer such a low cost per fax sent.  You only pay for successful faxes with Absolute Fax and there is zero charge for any undelivered faxes.

Faxing really is an incredibly powerful tool and so cost effective, you are almost guaranteed to see results.

How to use our service

1)    Email or call to discuss your needs.  What is your offer?  Who would you like to reach?  Local or national?  Business types or random?  How many faxes would you like to send?

2)    We agree a rate of x amount per page

3)    If you have a flyer ready, you simply email it over to us.  If you don’t have a flyer, we can help you build one.

4)    You decide the time and date of when you would like to send.  We have the ability to send within minutes of receiving your flyer or scheduling weeks/months ahead.

5)    We send the flyer out.

6)    We email you with a report of the send.

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