About Our System

About our system

We have once of the quickest systems out there with more than adequate capacity through the use of 22 Pika and Dialogic fax cards housed within 11 fax servers (and increasing quarterly) sitting at a co-location in mainland Europe, running through 2640 lines.

We broadcast through the Verizon network on fiber lines only, ensuring quality TDM fax broadcasting.

In the event of server/card failure, only one node can be affected which leaves us 10 nodes to work with. As a result, you will never see any significant reduction in capacity at Absolute Fax.

Current capacity runs at around 200,000 fax pages per hour although this is of course shared with all clients. We try to manage the system so that capacity is shared fairly although as a general estimate, it is probably safe to say we can send out 3-400,000 pages for each client on any morning, on average.

Our on-line customer broadcasting portal  has been designed over time with the feedback from the very people we work with. The feedback we always have is; easy to use, quick to upload jobs, nice reporting. Through this portal you can upload your fax documents and data lists (unless you are using our list), upload and manage black lists, construct mail merge campaigns, schedule multiple jobs, view job sends in real time and pause/resend should you require, view job summary details and download detailed CDR’s.

We are always open to feedback and remain flexible with each client we have. Should you need development, we are here to help.