About Faxing

What is fax marketing?

Fax marketing, sometimes known as fax blast, fax broadcasting, or bulk faxing, is a hugely striking and cost effective way to send out your advertising, promotions or message. Fax marketing provides your company with a way to send out marketing messages to a vast audience at an incredibly low price. The same message delivered to a similar audience through direct mail can cost be at least ten times the cost. You will be amazed at how effective fax marketing really is. It’s a time honored established way of obtaining responses at such a small cost.

How does it work?
It’s actually very simple. You email us an A4 sized advert promoting your offer or message. You then decide who you would like to send this message to; local, wider, regional or even national. Or maybe there is a ‘type’ of individual you would like to reach at a certain type of company. We then look through our very clean database of fax numbers and select the areas or types that you wish to send to. We remove any numbers who may be on the UK FPS list (or in the USA, our in-house opt-out list) to ensure we are not faxing to anyone who has opted out. Our operations team then uploads the advert to our fax servers and sends the message out. If we are sending to lets say 30,000 fax numbers, the entire send will be complete in around 10 to 15 minutes.

We have a large database of fax numbers for both the UK and the USA which is free of charge to use. We can send to as little or as many of these numbers as you choose, by either ‘fax blasting’ to random numbers or selecting industry, area code and employee size. The database is extremely well managed and is cleaned daily against the FPS opt-out list in the UK and various USA opt out lists. The amount that we send to is up to you and your budget and ranges from 5000 to literally millions, if you wish.

Flyer design
The chances are you will have your own flyer ready to go. However if you need help in putting together the right type of flyer, we will happily do so, free of charge. We have years of experience in the fax marketing industry and know exactly the type of flyer that will work for you. The key component is keeping the message simple; not loaded with graphics and grey scale as this will take up too much of the recipient’s time and ink which will instantly irritate the person you are advertising to. A nice simple clutter free message which zips though the fax machine in 30 seconds is much more ‘friendly’.

Will people pay attention to my message?
Yes! Fax marketing is massively overlooked by so many companies and is often perceived as ‘old hat’. The truth is, it always works. It is so incredibly cheap to send out fax marketing that the chances of your promotion not yielding profits are extremely slim. This isn’t expensive direct mail at 40 pence a flyer; your message can be sent for less than a penny per page if you are sending in large volume. Even smaller sends run for less than a couple of pennies per page.

Isn’t fax marketing a little old now? Surely email marketing is the way forward?
We don’t think so. Email marketing is not as heavily regulated as fax marketing and there are simply far too many companies out there sending email offers daily. The good old fax machine has been part of the office environment for decades and many people tend to trust this ‘old friend’ in comparison to more modern techniques such as email. Also, fax machines have advanced over the last few years with digital machines providing very high dpi (dots per resolution). A fax flyer is tangible; it’s something that the recipient HAS to notice. It’s a hard copy that is often passed around the office. There just seems to be more of a…. human touch with a fax flyer as apposed to email.

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