About Absolute

About Absolute Fax

Absolute Fax is managed and staffed by individuals who have previously worked for various fax marketing companies in the UK and USA, offering a combined total of 34 years experience in this industry.

Historically we all worked for marketing companies who specialized in various forms of advertising such as direct mail, email, internet and fax. Our goal in setting up Absolute Fax was to focus on fax marketing and nothing else – something which is actually quite rare amongst the various companies out there in this line.

And so what you have is a fax marketing specialist offering impartial advice by focusing on one single advertising media. Hence the name; Absolute Fax.

We began by offering fax marketing services to direct advertisers in the UK who wanted to promote there business locally or nationally and in time, we began tapping into the USA market. We are now seen as a ‘global fax broadcast provider’ who also offer the service to resellers across the globe with there own list of clients. The reseller arm of Absolute Fax developed naturally, owing to our low rates and fantastic on line portal. We do however see our direct customers as the foundation of this company and treat all clients, big and small, as pure gold.

Our strategy is centered around the account management of each client, and we feel we have developed a reputation for being reliable, trust worthy and we believe we are seen as a ‘friendly bunch’ with all of the people we deal with. Indeed, some of our customers are now really great friends and we like to develop warm, personable relationships with our clients.

We are experienced in dealing with people from all over the world and over time have built an extensive client base, mainly consisting of customers from the UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand with occasional ad-hoc business in mainland Europe.